Friday, October 8, 2010

Where Did The Week Go? - Weekly Report

Is it just me, or did this week seem to go by in a blink of an eye? I had a list of things that I wanted to finish this week (or at least start to accomplish), but I found myself with the end of each day nearing and putting it off until the next day. I'm now going to have to try to do some of it this weekend. I only have approximately 10 weeks left before I should be having this baby and I have so much that I need to do.

We did do school everyday this week and some days took longer than others based on Miss Crankeypants waking with a bad attitude for several of those days. Currently she is in the other room singing some random song that she is making up as she goes long. She should be sleeping, but she is fighting it and she has ballet early in the morning which will be fun to wake her for (note the sarcasm). It's hard to get her to sleep sometimes because we live right downtown and often there are festivals in the streets. This is what we watched from our bedroom window a few days ago.


The picture looks weird, but it is of a fire spinner doing his show.

We began to work on the memorization of the poem "Work" in First Language Lessons and completed week 5 in Writing With Ease. For memory work Vertebrates has been memorized and has moved out of daily work replaced with Invertebrates. We are still working on the Egyptian Ennead list as well. We had a breakthrough with spelling this week though. There is an exercise in some lessons of the workbook that involves  looking through a list of words and determining what word is spelled incorrectly. She used to guess randomly because she had no idea. Well this week she not only could figure out what words were wrong, but also what the incorrect part was. Phonics is still an everyday thing, but we have slowed and review more for awhile.
One day this week Roo decided she was going to chores. So she tied a scarf around her head, put on her rain boots (I'm not sure why) and grabbed a broom. I took a photo because more often than not it is her making messes not cleaning them.


In Math we have reached the end of the first part of the addition lessons for facts up to 10. Before we move onto subtraction we are going to take the next week to just focus on math facts and and cementing the number bonds into her head. Song School Latin focused on family names (mother, father, sister, brother) and review. She noticed the similarity between that and the French version of those words. For French we worked on numbers 6-12 and review of past units. I like how quick and efficient these two programs are. It's nice to be able to see progress from something that only takes 5-10 minutes a day. On a side note, my library has finally gotten an online subscription to Byki. So now I can finally start my own French and Latin lessons for free.

Giraffe, camel and deer were the animals we studied in Science this week. There was a camel experiment that we didn't complete, but I am planning on doing this weekend. Mummies and Pyramids were the focus of history. I borrowed the DK Eyewitness Mummies book from the library. I thought she might be a little scared from some of the pictures, but she was enthralled. I should have known better because when we went to the museum last time, she really, really enjoyed the Egyptian exhibit. For the activity this week I couldn't bring myself to do the mummified chicken. So we opted for the pyramid from sugar cubes. It suggests making your own cubes from sand and glue for a more realistic effect, but lets be honest. I am not a uber crafty individual. Although she may have enjoyed that process, it was just a little too much work so I opted for the easy alternative. She enjoyed it, and made it herself. Afterwards she asked if we could wipe off the glue so that she could eat the sugar.


This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend and we are not planning on having a full on Thanksgiving meal. My husband is on a strict diet and I am not cooking for two, especially when one is picky. So I need to find a good alternative that will be easy to make and satisfying to have. I did promise Roo that she could pick the dessert and she chose this after seeing it in my cooking magazine. Is it sad that one of the highlights of my week was getting the new 2011 Ikea catalogue?

And she sleeps.


Tonia said...

Mine's been fighting sleep lately too! Weird.. maybe it's something in the water up here! And no, it's not sad that the highlight of the week was getting the new Ikea catalog - I'm still waiting for mine!

Robyn said...

Love Roo wanting to take the glue off the sugar cubes and eat them! I could see my 6 y/o saying the same thing!