Friday, October 15, 2010

I Don't Know if This Counts as a Weekly Report

I hate being sick, but I especially hate being sick while being pregnant because you can't take anything to feel better. I am the type of person who catches anything and everything so I was expecting to get sick, but it was a doozey. It was the type of cold that seems to get worse by the hour for the first few days. Sleep was non existent and what little sleep I got was sitting up so I could breathe more comfortably. But enough complaining, I feel a little better today so we went out leaf collecting (along our walk to the grocery store).

She fell on her butt and was mad.
Stuffed all of the leaves in her purse, which I am sure will be fun to clean out after.

We knew it was cold out, but it was a lot windier and colder than we thought, so after my husband came home from work we went to the mall to get Roo a new winter coat. I am doing my happy dance that we finally got an H&M, which opened yesterday. Now we don't have to travel for 45 minutes to get to the nearest one. We found her this cute hooded parka for 30% off.


School this week was shaved down to the basics. Monday was Thanksgiving so we didn't do school, the rest of the week we worked on phonics, memory work, spelling, math facts and a little french.

Memory Work - Vertebrates and Seven Continents and location on a map, done. We are still working on the Egyptian Ennead (7 memorized), Invertebrates, the oceans and the FLL poem "Work".

Phonics- we are on lesson 187 in The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. Her reading is getting more fluent and she only is sounding out 1 in approximately every 10 words.

Spelling - For spelling we are trying something new. We retired Spelling Workout for a bit and are now using the Ordinary Parents Guide for spelling as well. I want AAS, but can't afford it right now so we will see how this works in the interim. I went back to the beginning of the book and instead of using the rules as phonics rules, we are applying them towards spelling. The beginning short vowels with cvc words are easy, but we are going through them just to ensure understanding.

Math - We focused on learning our math facts to 10 this week, She knows her plus zeros, plus ones, and double facts. We have started the plus two's and will continue next week. We are not moving on to the next section in Singapore Math until the facts are known.

French - Counting to 12 is completed and now we are working on the weather terms.

Next week we will be back to normal.

On a side note. I don't know if I am nesting or if I am panicking but I really am determined to get the apartment ready for the baby. I made my husband dig out all the old baby clothes out of the storage room (he really didn't want to) so I could go through them all and separate them into sizes and gender neutrality. I now need to clean them all and get everything settled and put away. Currently they are all spread out in the living room on the open futon that Roo decided to set up and move into the middle of the room. The mess of it is pretty horrifying. On a positive note it has allowed me to purge some of our stuff again. I purged before we moved in the summer and now that I have had a chance to go through some of these clothes a second time, I have gotten rid of more. Does one really need 30 spit up blankets? Maybe, but hopefully not.

Does a baby really need this many clothes?


karen said...

Aww, sorry to hear you've been sick.
I am so going to H& M soon!!!

Mrs. Brooke said...

Congrats on the pregnancy, boo on the being sick. I'm a complete wimp while pregnant, so I'm super impressed that you did any school at all while feeling that way. Get better soon.

Robyn said...

Sorry you were sick this week. No fun, especially when pg! One of my very good friends is having her 2nd set of twins in a couple weeks... it is amazing the amount of "stuff" you can have for a tiny little baby! (or two!)

Sara said...

Hey, Karen
You should go there, they have some great deals on kids fall/winter stuff right now. I think we are going to stop in after ballet class this morning to check through the store again before it gets packed with people.

Bright Sky Mom said...

I think you accomplished a lot for being pregnant AND sick! And no, baby doesn't need that many clothes. But it is hard to decide which ones to keep, I know. :)
Lee (5wolfcubs)

Steph said...

That pile of clothes looks stressful. I hope you were able to sort through them all. I would be lost with that. We're still unsure of how to sort the clothing we have. As new parents, we have no idea what items will be used more or less frequently. We don't know if our son will wear little outfits or just jammies for awhile. Argh

Sara said...

Hi Steph,
It was stressful, more so I think because our baby gender is unknown. So I had to separate into girl and gender neutral piles and then pack the girl stuff away for the time being. It would make things easier to just know for certain. In my experience the baby will wear jammies at least for the first few weeks until your stress level wears down. Once you get into a good routine you will begin to feel like an old pro at it and venture out into putting them into more time consuming clothes. Jammies are just easier overall.