Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekly Report and Funny Hats

This week was a short one due to an out of town opthamologist appointment that took up a huge chunk of the day and the rest was spent with our friend who lives in the city and it was her birthday. We did do a bunch of  Mondays work the week before (and on the weekend) in order to not throw our week off to much.  We have an early ballet class in the morning and I should be sleeping, but I am determined to finish this before I go. I might make it brief though;)

This weeks accomplishments

Memory Work: Invertebrates and the FLL poem Work have been memorized.

Phonics: We are still working on two syllable words and are on lesson 189 in The Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching reading. I have noticed that each time she reads to me she seems to be able to read words that I thought she wouldn't be able to. I don't know if this is a flicker before the light bulb goes on or if it is really good guessing within context. Time will tell.

Spelling: Still working on short vowel words.

First Language Lessons: We learned about proper nouns that are places. Rooms, our city, province and country.

Writing with Ease: This week was excerpts from Mary Poppins. She LOVES that movie and enjoyed the book. I am finding that her copywork is getting neater and she is starting to stay within the line boundaries better than before.

Math: We are still focusing on math facts up to 10 as well as did drill sheets and pages from the Evan Moor Skills Sharpener series. I think one more week on facts will do before we move onto subtraction in Singapore Math.

Latin: We focused on people in a family as well as boy, girl, man, and women. I am thinking of using the Song School Latin cutouts to make flashcards because for some reason she seems to love flashcards. The problem with SSL is that the songs really do get stuck in your head. I was humming one while brushing my teeth and no matter how hard I tried (believe me I tried). It would not go away.

French: Weather words and how to ask about the weather.

History: We read two DK Eyewitness books, one on ancient Egypt and one on mummies. We did a chapter from Story of the World on Sumerians and well as map work and a narration.

Science: This week we studied Chimps, Pandas and Polar Bears. She loves to learn about animals, but I believe she can't wait until we move onto the body section of Science. I found two really great diagrams of the skeletal system and the digestive system at the dollar store. She thinks these are great.

We skipped art this week because she wanted to go out for a walk at that time. We went and ran some errands while we were out. She fell, I'm not to sure what she fell over, but in the process both her hat and boot fell off. She scraped her hand, wrapped a kleenex around it and put on a brave face. So I took her out for hot chocolate and a treat after.

Here she is "reading" the paper and drinking her hot chocolate, not looking like she is going to cry like she did 5 minutes before.

We went out tonight and her while I was perusing other isles her father let her pick out a winter hat. The hat makes her look like a mountain man but she loves it. Below is front view and side view. At least she will be warm.



Karen said...

For a short week, it sure sounds like you accomplished a lot with a 5yo!

Love the hat LOL My older daughter has one just like that but in a blue plaid.

Mandy in TN said...

The hot chocolate and newspaper shot is just great and the hat is too funny.

Sara said...

She loves that hat for some reason. She wears it around the house and out even when it is not cold.

Moniksca said...

Love the hat we have one in white and black!

Bright Sky Mom said...

My 8yo just did the Mary Poppins week in WWE also. I've only seen the movie (which I love) and had no idea the original book had twin babies too! :)