Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Report - Bieber Fever

I'm trying to write this at 10:30 at night, one handed while using the other hand to rock a screaming baby.

She was like this earlier and happy as can be now she is ready to rip my face off.

This week Roo's eyes were opened to the existence of Justin Bieber. She was provided with a magazine full of his pictures and now the house is covered. She even set up a "fake" bedroom in the living room just so she could hang up more pictures. So our house now has a dose of Bieber Fever - Thanks Naomi;)

The "fake" bedroom with the Bieber Fever

This week review:

Memory Work - Same review of stuff but we added a map of Canada puzzle to build as we go over the provinces and territories to help with placement.

First Language Lessons - We have moved on to pronouns.

Writing with Ease - Completed week 16 of copy work and narration exercises.

Latin (Song School Latin) - We learned the names of angel, shepherd, lamb, star and baby. This was supposed to be a Christmas exercise but sometimes I extend a lesson into two weeks so we were behind.

French (Nallenart) - Lots of review and we started using the words in negation. Mostly question and answer format of asking about something and answering in the negative.

Math (Singapore Math) - We added more math facts and we have begun addition of numbers higher than ten. Anyone else's kids end up building things with their linking cubes instead of counting with them? She made what she called an Egyptian guitar.


She also caught on quick to the Singapore method of adding higher than 10 and this is her proud face.


History (Story of the World) - We went began to study The Phoenicians and started to read In Search of a Homeland - The Story of the Aeneid by Penelope Lively.

In Search of a Homeland : The Story of the Aeneid

Science (Elemental) - We finished up with birds this week by studying the flamingo, ostrich and peacock.

Composer Study - We read Henry Purcell's biography and listened to his works while she debated what she wanted to paint for her still life project. She couldn't think of anything so she is going to work on it this weekend because according to her "you can't rush art".

So now I am tired, the baby is happy again and Roo is in bed totally not sleeping because I can hear her going through the phone caller list.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Produce Clones - WW


Roo (left side at 3 months) Merle (right side at 5 weeks)

Friday, January 14, 2011

What Am I Mom? What Am I Mom? Weekly Report

What am I mom? is a constant chant out of Roo's mouth over and over until she gets your attention. Usually when you look over she is contorted into some weird position, and you are supposed to know what she is pretending to be. Most of my guesses are wrong which makes her miffed, but this week I got two of them both on the first try. It helped that we had just been reading about Egyptians in History so I had an idea to what she was aiming for.

First: Can you guess what this is?



A sarcophagus

Second: Can you guess what this is? Probably not;)


Queen Hapshepsut's fake beard! Which we are in fact going to make a better one this weekend, but she hid under the table, constructed this one and then popped up in my face.

What we managed  to accomplish this week in school.

Memory Work - Same review of stuff but added the Days of the Week Poem and the Months Poem.

First Language Lessons - Nouns in idea form

Writing with Ease - Completed week 14(?) capitalizing months and days of the week.

Latin (Song School Latin) - We learned the names of household pets. Let me tell you, I know I have said it before but those songs are soooo catchy. I seriously find myself singing them when I am doing any menial task. I also found out the baby likes me to sing them too (at least while I'm bouncing her) .

French - Lots of review and we started using the words in sentences. Mostly question and  answer format.

Math - Still major drill of math facts and we just finished the subtraction chapter in Singapore 1A. I also found out that she can answer math flashcards faster when bribed with Reese's pieces.

History - We went back to Egypt in SOTW - Ancients and learned about Thutmose, Queen Hatshepsut, Amenhotep and King Tut.

Science - We skipped this week due to some annoying appointments, tasks and daddy coming home from work early and distracting her. We may do a bird experiment this weekend to make up for it.

One of her favorite gifts for Christmas that we got her was her own mini library in a box. It comes with the envelopes you stick in books, the checkout cards, the due date stamp/ink pad and pencil. She has been actively setting up her library for the past few weeks. The only problem is, that she forces people to play library and check out some of her books.


I love to read, all genres. I like reading fluff as much as I enjoy a good historical biography. But there is one series I read this summer that I really, really got into. The fever Series by Karen Marie Moning, it is 4 books with the 5th coming out this Tuesday. Let me tell you how much I want to get my hands on that book and how slowly time has been creeping because of it. It is the final book in that series and the last one left off with a horrible cliff hanger. The first two chapters of this new book were leaked online and of course I read it, so now the wait is even worse because of the way these chapters went. If I could take it back, I wouldn't have read them. I should have waited. It's weird how you can get so invested into a book. So on Tuesday I will be flying over to the book store to pick up this book. I did have it pre-ordered on Amazon but have a feeling it wouldn't arrive until Wednesday and I. need. to. read. this. book. on .Tuesday. It's imperative.

Shadowfever (Fever, #5)

Also a bonus. I found out that baby girl will sleep for me longer during the day if I put her in the stroller near me. This leaves my hands free to work. Yay!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Report - First Week Back

So this was our first week back from Christmas break and our first week back with the new baby joining in. This picture may show how it went.

Me sitting with the baby in my arms while Roo dances around in her pj's, wearing her wolf hat totally not paying attention while taking pictures using the cameras timer. That was a mouthful, but she is having jealousy/adjustment issues. These come out full force at bedtime. She loves her sister and is super sweet to her, but she has become a nightmare to deal with at bedtime. We are at a loss on how to deal with her.



These pictures are like polar opposites of one another.

Now, on to our week:

Memory Work - was mostly review and working on some of the tougher to memorize things, we  didn't add anything new this week.

Phonics (Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading) - We went back to lesson 200 and are reviewing those and moving forward.

First Language Lessons - Still working on the different nouns and how addresses work.

Writing with Ease - Completed week 13

Latin (Song School Latin)  - We finished the chapter review

French - We began to learn the different rooms in the house and how to use them in a sentence.

Math (Singapore Math) - We continued to work on subtraction and fact memorization. Today we did a few page from Evan Moors Skills Sharpening book and played a few games of Sum Swamp. I like being able to trick her into math in the guise of a fun game. Also, the online game she likes to play called Jumpstart, added a new math world which she played for an hour this morning.



History (Story of the World - Ancients) -  We learned about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt with Egypt invading Nubia and the Hyksos invading Egypt.

Science (Elemental Science) - We are still studying birds, this week was Swans, Swallows and Hummingbirds.

Art - We did a picture study of a portrait of Henry VIII and then Roo made a water colour portrait of Merle and I.

The weather has been cold (not super cold like it should be though) and I haven't fully recovered from my c-section, so this week was a pajama week for us.
We are a hat family, we all like to wear them and we all look good in them. So I like to stick my kids in hats for some reason. This is our newest hat on our newest addition. It reminds me of the Swedish Chef and I like it;) I love this age when they will let you put anything on them.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011