Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Report - Bieber Fever

I'm trying to write this at 10:30 at night, one handed while using the other hand to rock a screaming baby.

She was like this earlier and happy as can be now she is ready to rip my face off.

This week Roo's eyes were opened to the existence of Justin Bieber. She was provided with a magazine full of his pictures and now the house is covered. She even set up a "fake" bedroom in the living room just so she could hang up more pictures. So our house now has a dose of Bieber Fever - Thanks Naomi;)

The "fake" bedroom with the Bieber Fever

This week review:

Memory Work - Same review of stuff but we added a map of Canada puzzle to build as we go over the provinces and territories to help with placement.

First Language Lessons - We have moved on to pronouns.

Writing with Ease - Completed week 16 of copy work and narration exercises.

Latin (Song School Latin) - We learned the names of angel, shepherd, lamb, star and baby. This was supposed to be a Christmas exercise but sometimes I extend a lesson into two weeks so we were behind.

French (Nallenart) - Lots of review and we started using the words in negation. Mostly question and answer format of asking about something and answering in the negative.

Math (Singapore Math) - We added more math facts and we have begun addition of numbers higher than ten. Anyone else's kids end up building things with their linking cubes instead of counting with them? She made what she called an Egyptian guitar.


She also caught on quick to the Singapore method of adding higher than 10 and this is her proud face.


History (Story of the World) - We went began to study The Phoenicians and started to read In Search of a Homeland - The Story of the Aeneid by Penelope Lively.

In Search of a Homeland : The Story of the Aeneid

Science (Elemental) - We finished up with birds this week by studying the flamingo, ostrich and peacock.

Composer Study - We read Henry Purcell's biography and listened to his works while she debated what she wanted to paint for her still life project. She couldn't think of anything so she is going to work on it this weekend because according to her "you can't rush art".

So now I am tired, the baby is happy again and Roo is in bed totally not sleeping because I can hear her going through the phone caller list.

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Faith said...

Sounds like a good week, in spite of the screaming baby. Colic?

I just can't get over Justin Bieber. He looks so young and that hair! I feel so old whenever I see a picture of him. Hopefully this phase will pass quickly!