Friday, January 7, 2011

Weekly Report - First Week Back

So this was our first week back from Christmas break and our first week back with the new baby joining in. This picture may show how it went.

Me sitting with the baby in my arms while Roo dances around in her pj's, wearing her wolf hat totally not paying attention while taking pictures using the cameras timer. That was a mouthful, but she is having jealousy/adjustment issues. These come out full force at bedtime. She loves her sister and is super sweet to her, but she has become a nightmare to deal with at bedtime. We are at a loss on how to deal with her.



These pictures are like polar opposites of one another.

Now, on to our week:

Memory Work - was mostly review and working on some of the tougher to memorize things, we  didn't add anything new this week.

Phonics (Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading) - We went back to lesson 200 and are reviewing those and moving forward.

First Language Lessons - Still working on the different nouns and how addresses work.

Writing with Ease - Completed week 13

Latin (Song School Latin)  - We finished the chapter review

French - We began to learn the different rooms in the house and how to use them in a sentence.

Math (Singapore Math) - We continued to work on subtraction and fact memorization. Today we did a few page from Evan Moors Skills Sharpening book and played a few games of Sum Swamp. I like being able to trick her into math in the guise of a fun game. Also, the online game she likes to play called Jumpstart, added a new math world which she played for an hour this morning.



History (Story of the World - Ancients) -  We learned about the Middle Kingdom of Egypt with Egypt invading Nubia and the Hyksos invading Egypt.

Science (Elemental Science) - We are still studying birds, this week was Swans, Swallows and Hummingbirds.

Art - We did a picture study of a portrait of Henry VIII and then Roo made a water colour portrait of Merle and I.

The weather has been cold (not super cold like it should be though) and I haven't fully recovered from my c-section, so this week was a pajama week for us.
We are a hat family, we all like to wear them and we all look good in them. So I like to stick my kids in hats for some reason. This is our newest hat on our newest addition. It reminds me of the Swedish Chef and I like it;) I love this age when they will let you put anything on them.



Robyn said...

Awwww, such a sweet baby! Love the hat! I'm sure there will be a period of adjustment with your dd. She's probably just trying to figure out her new place in the family. Doesn't make it easier to deal with, but do know it's normal! :-) This is a tough time for Mom too... be sure to be good to yourself and give yourself grace and breaks! Hope you continue to heal and feel better soon!

Karen said...

I'm impressed you did any school at all!!
Don't worry about this period with Roo it is normal especially with kids who have a big age gap. Kai and Cliodhna are almost 4 years apart and he had an adjustment period for sure.
It gets better.