Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've Been Tagged and So Have You

I'm not an overly exciting person. I enjoy quiet and solitude to the point of being called a hermit and I am introverted. Something to this day my husband still doesn't understand. I was doing my daily Blog stalking and saw that Michelle from whimsyway has tagged me for a question game. The rules are for me to answer the 5 questions she has come up with and come up with my own 5 questions and tag 5 other bloggers to answer. My answers may be boring as I stated above about my lack of being exciting. The questions are as follows:

1) What is your favourite book of all time? That's a tough one. I read....alot, pretty much any spare time I have I am reading. I love a lot of different books more many different reasons, each one meaning something to me in a different way. I love Medieval Mystery novels, but I also like SciFi (sometimes one needs a vampire/fairy/werewolf fix). Depending on my mood and what day it is my favorite will change. I will say that The Clan of the Cave Bear novel is the one book that I have re-read the most. Ayla is my favorite far.

What is your idea of the perfect day? Am I allowed to have this day occur in a different location? If so, then the perfect day would entail travelling. Staying in a fantastic hotel where we (family) can wake up and have real authentic eggs benedict (my fave). The day would be spent going to a museum, sight seeing, people watching and getting lost in the history of a city. Ending with a quiet dinner in the hotel room wearing pajamas and winding down with a book.

If you weren’t homeschooling, what sort of career would you have? Realistically I would still be the manager of a store dealing with not so pleasant people daily (with a forced, but genuine looking smile). But if I am allowed to rewind time to finish my Museum Studies degree, I would be working in a museum somewhere living and breathing history.

If you had the chance, what one famous person would you meet and why?As of right now, I would like to meet Queen Elizabeth 1. I recently read a biography on her and found her a fascinating character. There are many people from history I would love to spend and afternoon with. Even if it is just to see if the stories about them are true. I don't really have any desire to meet modern (alive) famous people though.

If you could possess one talent (singing, painting, writing, etc) and be truly proficient in it, what would it be? I am not very creative, I am more literal if that makes any sense. So it would be a big change for me to have an interest to have a talent in any of the creative fields. BuI think I would like to be a writer if I could. I could see myself getting lost in researching and creating stories. I know how much a good book means to me, I would love to be able to give that gift to others.

Now for my five questions, which honestly I will probably have to use Google to come up with some ideas.

1) What type of music to you enjoy the most? Please provide examples.
2) What is the thing you cook that gets the most compliments? Recipe please.
3) What subject do you find the most difficult to teach or learn and why?
4) What city/country would you most like to live and why?
5) If you could have unlimited funds to feed one of your addictions what would it be? (I'm talking, shoes, books etc.)

I'm going to be a party pooper and not tag anyone in particular........but it would be so much fun if any of you ladies that read this choose to participate. No pressure, but you know who you are.

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Allison said...

1. I like surf rock...e.g. Best Coast
2. I get compliments on a quiche I made that I don't even remember making so I can't provide the recipe:P
3. I find it most difficult to learn or teach anything that bores the shit out of me...
4. I want to live in California because it's beautiful and close to the ocean.
5. I would feed my travel addiction.