Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What to eat for....Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?

My daughter is a picky eater. Not just a small list of things she will eat, but she likes to pick at things. Small amounts of things spread across her plate seems to appeal to her more. So in enters my new inspiration. I came across a blog that has such a great concept that I am very excited to start implementing. Shannon over at BentoLunch is a very inspirational and creative woman. She has taken the concept of a Bento lunch to the next level by incorporating kid inspired menus, creativity and visual appeal. Her artisitic talent with cheese alone astounds me. I don't know if I can be that creative, but she inspired me to try.

I seriously want a set of these Lunch Punch sandwich cutters.

What's for Lunch at Our House


Steph said...

We had a heart-shaped sandwich tool that made the bread say, "I love you." That always made it fun. Unfortunately, sandwiches were never on a picky eater's NO EAT menu.

Karen said...

I see your Roo and raise you Kai!! lol!! when he was three and four he would only eat things that were bread colour!! Liek crackers, nutar bars, toast, PB, chicken nuggets.. it was so crazy! Since he was a baby he didn't like soggy, lumpy, or wet textures. I was actually thrilled when he first ate a Hot dog! He still hates all pasta (even KD) he didn't eat a cookie or candy until he was 5(not that I wanted him to, but it shows you we had nothing to bribe him with)
I could go on and On...sigh.
I must say that every year he is getting better though. He tried a Filet o Fish at MC D's the other day and we were shocked that he ate it all. Again, not like it is great for him but it was a new thing on the list.
The funny part is I was the mom that made all the baby food and didn't let him have sugar at his first birthday ( I know) but even the doctor said to not push him or we would create more food issues. Nice.

Hope your week was great!
We got to the Metro Zoo for out Animal Observation Sheet :)