Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Imagine This View From Your Bedroom Window


Seriously, can you even imagine. Roo loves this picture that we found while searching France on the web. She always talks about how much she wants to live there to enjoy the cheese and chocolate. We have been focusing a lot on our French lessons lately and she seems to really want to learn. I picked up about 15 French childrens books from the Value Village today for super cheap. Although they are in complete French with no English translation she made me read two of them to her at bedtime. I had to pick through the words I knew to give her a very minimal translation of what was going on.  She seemed to enjoy it though and new some of the words herself (colours and such). I would really loves us to be fluent in this language. Not only for travel benefit, but it will open so many doors for her in the future.

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