Thursday, August 5, 2010

First 12 Weeks of Weekly Schedules Done!

It feels good to have completed some of them. I know I have a lot more to do, but I can go at a more leisurely pace now that I have finished the first 12. Some of the cells changed a bit when I changed it into pdf format, so some words have been cut off. I know what it says though, so it's no big deal. I am trying to get the dining room/school room set up and organized. Currently I have my new, large world  map poster off being laminated. I hope that they get it done soon, because I would really like to get the room looking more complete. It doesn't help that it is hot as he!! in here and I break into a sweat just by typing on the computer. I wish I could say that Fall was in the air. We went to see ABBAmania (Abba cover band) last night at the outdoor festival we have here during the summer. Roo loved it! She is a complete Abba fan and danced and jumped around throughout the whole thing. It made putting her to bed an easy job last night.

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Anonymous said...

Kai loves ABBA!! HE listens to the CD before bed alternating with Classical music-lol!
Sorry this summer has been so hot for you, that sucks.
I had a school room all set up in the basement only to learn neither of us really want to be down there. We are more of the kitchen island/couch/dining room type schoolers now.

Doesn't it feel like we have been planning forever for this year??? even though we are doing some subjects this summer we too are adding SOTW etc. and being a little more strict about a schedule. It can be tough some days to stick to specific times because of a certain two year old that we are working around.
Are you doing any co-ops?? Does Roo have homeschooling friends???
Hope you have a great school year!!