Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Awkward Situations

Ever since Roo was a baby she has used her middle finger to point at things. I have tried to gently correct this over the years to no avail, the middle finger is still her finger of preference. I have always gotten dirty looks from people when she sticks her hand up to point at something high. Almost like I purposely taught her to unknowingly flip people the bird.  I remember saying to my husband when we got my ultrasound with her that it kind of looked like she was giving us the finger. Years later I can admit she probably was (but not on purpose people). Several other notable things that make me look like a bad parent..........she pronounce chipmunk as chinkmunk, again we are trying to gently change this without making it a big deal. Next her pronunciation of Texas. I have no idea why she even talks about Texas since we live in Canada, but she mentions it several times a week. I think that she might have gotten it from Sponge Bob Square Pants because I believe Sandy the squirrel may be from Texas, correct me if I am wrong though.  If she says it slowly enunciating both syllables it comes out as Tex-as. But, if she says it quickly for some reason it comes out as testis. I have no idea why. Lastly we were doing a reading lesson yesterday of words that use the or sound. She was reading the list corn, horn, torn, worn and then pork came after those. I assume she was on a roll with the orn words and said the last word as porn. A high pitched cackle/shocked laugh came out of my mouth uncontrollably and I corrected her mistake without referring to the wrong word. I'm glad she didn't question what it meant, because I'm not too sure how I would explain that one. Am I the only one who gets the pleasure of dealing with these awkward situations?


Anonymous said...

I can think of several things like this that my kids have done, but the best is a friend's son who used to get lots of letters mixed up. As a preschooler, he was really into firemen and used to talk about the firetruck all the time... except it came out fire*@ck. It was so hard not to just crack up.

Anonymous said...

Awww - I say treasure those last vestiges of baby-hood. They grow up all too fast and learn correct pronunciation and eventually pick up on 'correct' social behavior... my oldest is 8 and still says "stav" instead of 'stab' and I am so reluctant to correct it! (Although having it written out makes it kinda odd that my 8 year old has occasion to say 'stab' enough for me to notice the mispronunciation at all, lol).
If anyone gives me an odd look, I just d shrug my shoulders and say, "Kids!" with a big smile. :)

Deb said...

My daughter has been sprinking the work "freaking" into her conversations. I don't even have the excuse that it's a mispronunciation. Just beginner cursing. We have been having long conversations about Grown-Up Words, etc.

Once a friend of mine came over wearing barrettes in her hair. My daughter kept saying "you have the same kind of barrettes as me!" but it came out like "you have the same t*ts as me!"

Oh well.

Michelle said...

When my son was first learning to read and came across the word "as" it sometimes came out "a@@." And "ship" once morphed into "Sh*t". Ah, the joys of parenting :)