Wednesday, June 23, 2010


So we had a 5.5 magnitude earthquake here today. It is really, really rare for this area even though there is a small fault line located close by. It was enough for Roo and I to stop our work and say what the h*ck was that? So I called my husband to ask him if he felt it too, or was I going nuts? He said he thought it was a big truck passing by his work up until the moment I called and asked him if her felt it. It's strange because it was so minor, but was still enough to scare us like we were just waiting for something bigger and badder to come along. I can't imagine what it must be like to live in an earthquake prone area.  I used to live in B.C. when I was young, but even the few quakes I experienced there were very small in comparison so other places in the world. The terror those people must feel when a high magnitude earthquake hits isn't even imaginable.

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Deb said...

We lived in Seattle in 2001 when a 6.8 earthquake hit. My husband knew someone who was working on a top floor of a skyscraper in downtown when it hit, and that guy said that they all thought they were going to die.

Glad you are ok - nature is amazing, isn't it?