Friday, June 18, 2010

Still doing school in the middle of moving. Yuck.

I actually like moving. I find it exciting to pack all your stuff and be able to set it up in a new and improved (and hopefully slightly more tidy) home. I just am not a fan of of doing it on less than two weeks notice. We've been looking for a more centralized apartment for a couple of months with no success. Low and behold, the perfect one, in the perfect area falls into our laps this weekend. The only problem is that is was for July 1st. So the insane organizing, purging, cleaning and attempting of packing (hardly any boxes until tomorrow) and panic is slowly starting to set in. My husband works most of the week, so the majority of this organization is left to me......  If I had access to a large dumpster I would be tossing left right and center. Only when my husband wasn't home though, because he has minor pack rat tendencies:)

Even though we have been really busy, we still have been consistently doing our summer school work....except the day I had a migraine:). Mostly phonics/reading, spelling/handwriting, math and French in the mornings. The we get into our comfortable clothes and get to work. It's funny how you can accumulate so much crap in a short period of time. We have lived in this house for three and a bit years and I swear we have twice as much stuff now. It freaks me out a little. I wish we could have an organized, streamlined more Ikea catalogue looking house. As I am packing clothes up I am kind of starting to worry that there might not be closets in the bedrooms. I can't remember for the life of me. I just remember walking through with a sense of relief that we found the right place. The convenience of living central  is what appeals to me. My husbands work is a block away, the grocery store is a block and a half away, the library is right around the corner, plus access to all the cafes, restaurants and shops. I am so much more of a city dweller than a suburban home owner. Some people don't seem to understand why we currently have no desire to buy a house on a quiet street, plant a garden etc. It's just not us at this point in our lives, and not everyone has that same goal or dream. So as I ramble, I am losing precious packing time. Off to try to get the chaos under control.


At least she has gotten in some bike riding. Although she walks it more than rides it:) Apparently her helmet needs adjusting, as it is falling off her forehead.

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Moonbeam said...

Getting any school work done while moving is pretty impressive. Enjoy your new digs!