Monday, February 8, 2010

Where did the day go?

So, it is Monday and it was supposed to be a school day. Whoops! I actually started off with the intention of doing school, but it didn't work out that way. We woke up early and went out for breakfast as a family, where Roo decided she wasn't hungry. She went to play at the kids toy table while we ate and took her food to go. Next was library time, we usually go on Mondays now since it is a quieter time. She used to go for story time, but has decided she doesn't really care for the stories that much. She would rather play with the kids while I pick books. Everytime I go, I realize more and more how bad our library is for book variety. I actually went through most of the SOTW ag at home and searched our online library catalogue to see what they had. This also helped to determine what I needed to buy for next year. I can honestly say the library had about 1 in every 15 books I searched:( I've got Amazon wish lists as long as my driveway, now to win the lottery. Back to our day, after library time I wanted to check out the local teacher/education supply store. I was able to pick up the exact bulletin board calendar/weather set that I saw online which was awesome.

The calendar pieces

I also got her fake money, and venus fly trap set to grow which should be fun. We then went on a search for cheap book shelves because I needed several more due to the increased amount of books piles growing around the apartment. We ended up finding some in the last place we looked, of course. Two nice ones, on sale and bigger than the one we already had. Some minor errands finished our outing, and it was now 3:00. When we got back, hubby started to build the shelves and Roo and I sorted and pieced together the calendar. We had to use two spots to hang it because we are short on space here but it does the job. Next task stacking books in appropriate piles and moving things to make room for the new shelves. We ended up with 3 book shelves in a row in our living room/dining room. A little cramped but I am pleased with the outcome. By the end of all that it was 6 and we were hungry. I cooked dinner, we ate at 7 and by that time Roo was getting super dancy and talkative. This is usually a sign of over tiredness so we got changed into our pjs, got her something else to eat (because of course she never eats what I make) and then to bed. The day just escaped, but we are back on track for tomorrow.

The middle one Roo declared was hers, so she stacked her books and toys on it;)

Today I also received in the mail, my long awaited Getting Started with Latin by WIlliam E. Linney. Lesson one completed, nauta  meaning sailor. I am glad the lessons are short and build on previous lessons for reinforcement. I definitely will make time to work through these daily. I get my head start on her Song School Latin for next year. Let's hope my brains retains as much as it used to.


Melissa said...

your killing me. i Read your lovely post and where the pics of the new calander!? lol, gotta show it. Thats something id LOVE to add to our home, but cant afford it!

Sara said...

I just posted some. Sorry the pictures are not great, they came out too dark. The whole set only cost $14.99, and it is quite large.