Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Bang Theory and the Return of Eddie Munster

Several months ago we had an unfortunate, self inflicted bang accident. The end result was a buzz cut short patch smack dab in the middle of her bangs. For the last several months she has worn hats, headbands and clips to cover the mishap. It has finally reached a point that there is some growth, but due to the location it looks like a point growing down the middle of her forehead. She has opted to grow her bangs out which makes it easier to clip and hide the cut portion. In the meantime though, it is beginning to resemble Eddie Munster. I personally think it's funny, she.....not so much:) 
For the past several days Roo has started something weird. Every word she says or hears, she repeats back but sounds it out while she is doing it. It is like she is trying to break the word down to see if she can figure out the letters used in the word. I take it as a good thing, but it is strange to hear her talking like that.  
On a final note, I watch the show hoarders on A&E and find it addicting. It also makes me sit and think about how stuff we have and how I don't want to end up on that show. Well, today we made progress. We went through every room with clear plastic garbage bags and filled them with stuff to donate. Toys, linens, clothes you name it we bagged it, put it in the car and dropped it off at the Value Village. It felt good and even the small amounts we got rid of today made a noticeable difference. I plan on doing this on a weekly basis to get rid of all of the extra stuff that we just don't need here. It's a freeing feeling.

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Melissa said...

OMG Bonita does the same thing. we are tlaking and shell grab a word i say and S O U N D it out, so so funny. ill say queen and shell be like qu...qu...eeee....nnn. you see mom QUEEN. lol....

horders, i def get a dose of that now and then and drop a bag out the door!