Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Report: 1-5 February

This week was productive. I think we achieved a fair amount although she has some math to finish this weekend. We picked up and read lots of library books and also discovered that the hold system for our library isn't very good.  It was sunny but cold this week, but I like winter. Feel free to boo me on that, but I find something extremely peaceful about the winter time.

Phonics (OPGTR ) - We have finished up to lesson 95 in section 10 where she has learned the various sounds for long vowel e. She is by no means fluent yet, but I am seeing growth. The blends are smoother and the sounding out of words seems to flow better (not so robotic sounding iykwim). We picked up some I Read, You Read books that she seems to enjoy. I think she likes the fact that she is able to contribute to the reading of the story.

Spelling (Spelling Workout A ) - We worked on only 1-2 pages of the spelling per day because the work is a little harder now. She tries to spell the word herself without looking at the list words to see if she can do it. Mostly she can, but sometimes a little peeking is needed.

Math (Saxon Math 1 ) - We still are not enjoying Saxon although I have been trying. I did make the decision this week to change it next year though. It just seems to take so long and we never finish all of the homework sheets (insert shame faced smiley here). I know that Saxon is supposed to be completed in full to see the best results, but it is like pulling teeth. I saved some of the homework exercises for this weekend though. She will not like that very much. She learned how to count money this week using dimes and pennies up to $1.00. I think she was proud of that fact and we had to play store for awhile after so she could keep doing it. She also counted to 100 with her eyes closed, she only peeked at 80;)

Looking for clues in her math binder.

Geography (My First Map Book - By Apple Press ) - We worked on how to use a map grid this week. At first she just stared at me with a blank face, but then it clicked. We are almost finished the K book and I have an Evan Moor beginners Geography book to use after. I have to order the next level of the Apple Press book in the next few weeks because she really seems to enjoy them. At the library this week we picked up Minn of the Mississippi as it came highly recommended. Actually all of Hollings books were recommended but this is the first one we are going to read.

Minn of the Mississippi

Handwriting (Handwriting Without Tears ) - We did this 2x this week. There are still some issues with letter placement on lines when she writes. Generally she goes above or below the top and bottom lines and I have to keep on it. I know this will improve over time because I can see the changes since we began. I am just trying to stop any bad habits as I see them. I have terrible penmanship myself and it never has really hindered me though;)

Art (local art school) - This week in Art class she made a jewelry box. It's painted colourfully with her name and lots of jewels on top. As soon as she came home she stuffed all her jewels along with miscellaneous objects including my dry erase marker which I hunted high and low for today. 

Her painted jewelry box completed.

Her spring picture from several weeks ago.

Music - I am still working with technical help to get my MusIQ Homeschool disk to work because it won't install properly.  I am getting a little frustrated with the whole situation though. The seem to be getting into contact with me more frequently which I guess is positive. My fingers are crossed that it will be resolved soon. 

As stated in a lower blog post, I watch the show Hoarders on A&E. It propelled me into a cleanfest last weekend. By cleanfest I mean getting rid of the stuff we don't use and need that is just taking up space. I need to do it again, it felt good. Have you ever come across something in your house that you swear you have never seen before and don't know where it came from? We came across this felt turtle thing on a shelf that none of us have seen before. Roo decided it would make a great hat though.

Mysterious felt turtle thing. Origin Unknown.


Little Badgers Academy said...

Oh, she looks adorable in this turtle thingy! Kids can figure out the strangest use for stuff...
And spring picture is very pretty, great job!

Moonbeam said...

Love the turtle cap and the jewelry box. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful week.

Mandy in TN said...

Great art work! The photo of turtle on your dd's head is too cute.

Anonymous said...

I need to check out that book. Great week! Your daughter is just precious!