Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss Cranky Pants, Questions and Science

The two new bookshelves I got have now become four, no complaints coming from me though. My husband liked the price of these units so much that he picked up two more after work the next night after our first purchase. We spread them across the living room wall, now I just need more books to fill them;) I always tell him that one day I would like a library in my home. Floor to ceiling shelves, a rolling ladder, leather furniture and dark wood (and a fireplace if I am really lucky). This would be haven for me and my husband knows it. He bought the shelves for me to start my library. Although we don't have enough space to dedicate a whole room to it, it is a start.
Roo wouldn't fall asleep last night. We had to get up early to go to art class and I knew she was going to be a cranky pants this morning. I was correct in my assumption, although she put on a happy face during the class. When she came home, she got into cozy clothes, grabbed a stuffed animal and crawled into bed without saying anything. I let her sleep, I would rather her be rested and do less school than be fighting with her because she is too tired to learn anything.
I've been trying to find my groove with the whole "homeschooling" thing. What curriculum to use? Am I doing enough? Too much? I am sure you know the drill. I waste so much time asking myself these questions, I needed to stop and focus. How will I see the successes if I am constantly looking for the negative. Breathe. On a lighter note, I did get my new print copy of the Elemental Science Biology For The Grammar Stage today. I am so psyched about this, the book is awesome, and saves me a lot of planning time. First off I want to say that I got this REALLY FAST. Seriously, it was shipped to Canada and it arrived today even though I ordered it only a few days ago. I plan on taking the 5 day schedule and combining it into 2 days a week which is an option that is stated in the beginning.  I've written myself a rough copy of my schedule for next year that I can fit this into nicely. I have based my schedule on both WTM and LCC, and I noticed that it seems way more doable that when I was trying to stick strictly to The Well Trained Mind schedules. I know what I want to cover and what books I need, I just need to get a more concrete vision of what the days/weeks will look like. How many hours do I spend searching the WTM forums looking for schedules? The answer is....way too much. I think for some reason that I am going to find a masterpiece schedule that will fit our lives perfectly. Does that even exist?

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