Friday, April 9, 2010

Nallenart Arrived! Weekly Reports 4/9/10

What started off as a glorious easter weekend became a cold, dark and drizzly week. I actually love rain, but not when the temperature drops to the point of almost freezing rain/snow warnings. We got to bust out our rain boots though, which Roo interprets as a free pass to jump in puddles and mud.

A beautiful, warm day at the zoo on Easter weekend.


The rain begins!

This week I finished my Composer Study Guide that I have been working on. I posted it to my blog this week. It can be found here. It's all ready to go for next year, and we are getting excited to put it into use.

We plowed through this week and managed to get to lesson 120 in The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. Some concepts she grasps quickly and others she seems to forget 20 seconds after explaining it. I guess that is the joys of a 5 year old that feels the need to constantly be moving, playing, singing, or get the picture:)  In Spelling Workout A we have reached lesson 16. This is good reinforcement for her phonics because these lessons are a nice review of what we have learned over the last couple of months. It is helping to improve her handwriting as well, because it is hard to get her to do her Handwriting Without Tears pages. Sometimes there are tears, so we don't do them as much as I would like.


Oh Saxon. I wish I could love you, but there just seems to be no future for us. At least I can look at it as a lesson learned though. Not the right program for us be we are getting through. We finished lesson 83 today and played around on the Geo boards to make congruent shapes. She enjoyed that the best and wrote her name with elastics on the Geo board just to put off doing her fact sheet a little longer. Her ability to count by 2's, 5's and list odd numbers to 19 has gotten really good. She even counted by 5's to 130 by herself before she got stuck, which is neat because she hasn't even count by 1's to 130 yet.


Our cat Iza. I think that she enticed the c at to sit on her math book to get out of doing the work:)

Geography was skipped this week in favour of watching Mary Poppins. She got it for Easter and was absolutely thrilled. I received the book Children Just Like Me in the mail this week. I plan on using it as a geography supplement over the next few years, just to show her how children in different areas of the world live. It is a really well put together book and I have noticed her flipping through it frequently over the last couple of days.

Children Just Like Me

The last of the main books I will need for next years plans showed up this week including to my surprise, the Nallenart French.

More books arrived! We love getting new books in the mail.


Our Nallenart French books. She was so excited, that we decided to start them on Monday. 

I have been waiting for its arrival for awhile now (slow shipping), and now I have everything I need to finish my Year at a Glance spreadsheet. I will post it as soon as it is finished. I ordered both the L'art de Dire (K and up) and L'art de Lire 1 from Nallenart because I didn't know how fast she would go through the lessons. I am glad I did though because when we were looking at the books, she said she wanted to start her french lessons on Monday. So what I may do is go through L'art de Dire from now through summer and then redo it again as a review and to solidify the information. I plan on learning along with her because I did terrible in French when I was in school. I am still trying to figure out if it was because I was actually bad at it or because I didn't care to learn. I still kick myself over that wasted opportunity.


Daisy said...

The french looks wonderful. You'll have to give us a review when you start it. I took French in high school and college but have forgotten so much of it.

We have the Children Just Like me book! My children have loved it so much. As they've gotten older we've bought Material World which is another great one for geography.

Tonia said...

I've been looking at Nallenart - hope it works well for you!