Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back from break!

We just got back from a 5 day visit to my parents house. I was nice to get away for awhile and we hadn't seen them for way too long. It's funny how you always come home with way more stuff than you left with. I try to pack light, it just doesn't seem like something I am good at. I guess we will have to go through and purge the house again to make room for the new stuff. A few things I noticed when I got home: 1) My husband missed garbage night last week, 2) It's not even hot out yet and my house it getting really warm and stuffy. I am not looking forward to the summer heat, 3) I swear the dishes that were in the sink when I left are still there plus extras, 4) We need to buy groceries.....badly.
We didn't really do any school when we were gone. It was a break technically, so we just read and stuff. Although we are planning on schooling year round at the moment, I am thinking about ditching Saxon math right now. We got a really good workbook that will be easier to get her to complete. I don't want her to grow a hatred for math. So since she is only in K this year, I think what she has learned so far using Saxon plus this workbook will be sufficient until next the next school year starts.

Some extras: We found a nice new globe at Value Village for cheap. I needed to get one so that was a score. Last thing, Roo lost her second tooth this week, it came out while brushing her teeth. She was very excited to see if the tooth fairy would come to Nanny and Grandpa's house.

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