Friday, October 28, 2011

Girls Rule! According to the Hidden Pillowcase

A conversation I had with Roo after my husband was changing the pillow cases on the futon upstairs and discovered graffiti;)

Me: Roo, why did you write Girls Rule! on our pillow case with decorative swirls all around it?
Roo: I felt like drawing.
Me: And you thought we would be okay with you colouring on the pillow case?
Roo: I didn't think you would get mad.
Me: Then why did you hide it?
Roo: So you wouldn't see it.
Me: So you obviously knew while you were doing it that you shouldn't be, right?
Roo: *shrugs*
Me: Okay let me rephrase. When you were colouring on the pillow, were you worried I would come upstairs and see you while you were doing it?
Roo: Did I at least spell Girls right? Did you notice I used an explanation point?
Me: Yes

Is it just me, or did she miss the point entirely?

This is what we completed for the past couple of weeks since I missed a few back there.

Memory Work -  I decided I would also incorporate our Latin chants and the Being Words - être for French.

Spelling (All About Spelling level 2) - She finished Level 2 lesson 10, 11 and 12 and we are really focusing on the silent e because she seems to always forget it when spelling. We may take next week to keep going over the silent e rules and words. 

First Language Lessons 2 - We worked on lesson 113-124 using commas, helping verbs, contractions and adjectives.

Writing with Ease 2 - Completed week 5-8 of writing, narrations, and dictation using excerpts from Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerie Henry, My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson, Ginger Pye by Eleanor Estes, and The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Latin (Lively Latin) - We are progressing through it very slowly because I don't see any point in rushing this subject since full understanding is needed. We have just entered into what the first declension is.

French (Nallenart L'Art de Lire1) - We are working on knowing and memorizing the Being Words, être, je suis, tu es, il/elle est, nous sommes, vous êtes, ils/elles sont. I remember spending a lot of time on these in school too.

Math ( Singapore 2A/2B) - We are almost done 1B and have been adding and subtracting numbers within 100. We have also completed several chapters in Life of Fred Elementary - Butterflies since we recently finished Apples.

History (Story of the World Middles Ages) - Chapter 5-8 A King named Skadagupta, Monks in Caves, Muhammad's Vision, Muhammad Flees to Medina, The Koran: Islam's Holy Book, Fight for Mecca, The City of Baghdad, Sinbad in the Valley of Snakes, Yang Chein Unites North and South, and The Tang Dynasty. For each of these there were accompanying colouring pages and map work. We also used the Usborne Encyclopedia of religions to read about Muslims.

Science (Elemental Science Earth and Astronomy) - We covered many subjects for the past few weeks such as Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Volcanoes, Mountains, Rivers and Rivers of Ice, The Seashore, Seas and Oceans and Under the Sea, and the biomes desert, plains, rainforest and Arctic. We also built a paper mache volcano and exploded it.

Painting the finished product.

Not quite as colourful as we wanted even though we added plenty of food colouring. I suspect she may have added water or something when I wasn't looking. I have no idea why she taped pieces of foliage around the base either.

Geography (Expedition Earth)-  We stamped our passports and went to India, Israel and Thailand to finish our Asia tour. This week we began Europe and started with Russia (even though it is on both Asia and Europe). We read the Children Just Like Me book to look how each child in these countries live. So far Russia has been her favourite because the little girl goes to dance school. Regular school in the morning and dance lessons every afternoon, who wouldn't want that? 

Art (Meet the Masters) - Roo started her weekly Art class. It is two hours of mixed media fun in which she looks forward to every week. 

What did Merle do? Merle can walk around her play pen no problem and will sometimes stand unassisted for a second or two before she falls or grabs onto something. She also thinks Yo Gabba Gabba is the best show ever and will literally bitch at you if you shut it off or the video runs out. She stands and laughs and dances the entire time it is on. When it stops she points and yells. We recently ordered the Yo Gabba Gabba Party in a Box DVD set because she only had one video she watched repeatedly. If I hear the "I love Bugs" song one more time.........


Skatha said...

Well let's see the pillow case ;)

denthreekids said...

That's so cool. I love volcano. I need to show you how to make lava goo like in lava lamps. The kids had a blast with that!

banwait said...

wow! She is a great artist!