Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lions and Tigers and.......Inbred Cannibal Mountain Men

I'm not a big "let's be one with nature" person. I don't like camping, bugs or hot sunny days, so nature walks aren't really my forte either. But my husband and Roo wanted to go out for a family walk along the trails. I was supposed to compile a list of things so that the two of them could have a scavenger hunt while on our walk. It's a very common place for bike riders, dog walkers and families to go around the various trails. They are scenic and easy to walk long as you stick to the trails. I pushed the carriage with Merle while the two of them did their hunt. At the end of one trail was a park where the girls played for a bit and then we backtracked. Instead of going down the same way we came up, Tom decided that "it would be fun to go into the more wooded area because it went down by the water and we could cross a bridge and come around", his words not mine. He apparently used to bike these paths and was familiar with where they led or something like that. Always go with your gut. For one, the path wasn't paved. It was more of a human flattened out path, which was fine at first until it got more hilly, rocky and the woods got denser. Then as we walked further in you could no longer hear people talking and laughing. It got really quiet and I have seen too many horror films. Actually not seen, but been more in the room while Tom was watching them because they scare me so bad I can't sit and watch them. Because I am a firm believer that nothing good happens in the woods and I frequently say it, Tom said something along the lines of "your thinking of those inbred, cannibal, mountain men from that movie aren't you?" That would be the ones from the movie Wrong Turn, which is seared into my brain for life. I can't run fast to begin with and pushing a stroller in a heavy wooded area, there would be zero hope for me. I would be the first to go if that moment was a horror movie. So the path sucks, and is gradually getting suckier as we continue to forge through because "there is the water just up ahead and then we can cross the bridge to the other side. Nope. The dirt ground turned to mud and giant puddles, and the paths go smaller. Long story short, we had to turn around while I carried Merle all the way out and helped Roo through the mud, over puddles and up hills while Tom had to collapse and carry the big stroller because it was way easier than pushing it. And somewhere along the way I twisted my ankle and hurt my armpit. We got back to the car and then when to Dairy Queen. Mint, Oreo and Skor Bar is my new favourite Blizzard.

During the park play.


This is what we completed this week.

Memory Work -  We added the definition of earthquake to our box.

Spelling (All About Spelling level 2) - She finished Level 2 lesson 9 when to use c or k.

First Language Lessons 2 - We worked on lesson 110-112 linking verbs, seasons and we started a poem booklet.

Writing with Ease 2 - Completed week 4 of writing, narrations, and dictation using excerpts from Dr. Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

Latin (Lively Latin) - We spent the week learning/memorizing our vocabulary words and our chants did exercise 1.2 and read a history section.

French (Nallenart L'Art de Lire1) - 1 worksheet, and flashcard reviewing.

Math ( Singapore 2A/2B) - Still finishing 1B, we did time this week with a review chapter.

History (Story of the World Middles Ages) - Chapter four The Beauty of Constantinople, Justinian the Just Emperor, The Empress Theodorra and The Church in the East. We did the corresponding map work and advanced map work for this chapter.

Science (Elemental Science Earth and Astronomy) - Roo learned about Storms, flooding and earthquakes. We also watched some video clips on storms and tsunamis. 

Geography (Expedition Earth)-  We stamped our passports and went to Japan. We still use Sheppard Software daily to learn the European countries. She is also learning to map the world by heart via The Core method and started her continent blobs this week.  Continent blobs are rough circles/ovals drawn in the area on the map that corresponds with each continent. It's done after the five great circles are drawn in order to be able to visually space where the continents are located. I didn't post a picture last week, so this is an example of how to map the continent blobs and 5 great circles.


Art (Meet the Masters) - We continued our study on Vincent Van Gogh. Her art class starts next week which is going to be fun for her as well. 

What did Merle do? She can make it around her play pen by holding the side and can now easily get from her belly to her butt. She also fell asleep in the most awkward position ever.


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Deb said...

I firmly believe that Nature is laying in wait to kill us all.

I don't even like to drive my car off the pavement.

(ps - how does one hurt their ARMPIT?)