Friday, April 15, 2011

I Need Ginkgo Biloba - Weekly Report

Even though studies differ about it's efficiency, I remain optimistic. Because it's happening, I can feel it. My brain is in fact atrophying. I just spent at least 30 seconds staring at my camera trying to figure out where I plug in the usb cable to upload photos. We have had this camera for years. I also just realized that I forgot to pick up new dance tights for Roo this week even though I hung them smack dab where I would see them 50 times a day so I wouldn't forget. She wore her only pair of tights to dance under her new jeans last week and the blue dye from the jeans transferred so now she has tie dye tights. 

I also need to find a recycling box with a lock top because every time I turn around Roo is digging stuff out for "crafts". OR, worse my husband every once in a while flashes his pack rat tendencies by either digging out "useful" items in the recycling bin or raiding the bags I have filled to go to charity because we may just need that item someday. I personally would love for someone to come in and completely empty our home and bring back in things piece by piece so we can get rid of 3/4 of what is in here. This is the reason I drool over the Ikea catalogue. Those Swedes have the right idea.

Recycling bin harvesting mess. "crafts"

Merle was 4 months this week. She can now roll, but not on purpose. It still surprises her every time she flips from back to belly. The only room she has rolled in though is in the kitchen where the floor is very slanted, so it may in fact not count.

Happy 4 month birthday Merle the Squirrel!

What we finished this week:  

Memory Work - We are working on stanza 1 and 2 from the FLL poem Mr. Nobody plus whatever daily work comes out of the memory work box.  

Spelling (All About Spelling) - We completed lessons 19-22, which included the rules for  using ck and k. We are almost done level one and I plan on slowing level 2 down a lot. 

First Language Lessons - Lessons 82-84, poetry capitalization, pronouns and an oral composition.

Writing with Ease - Completed week 27 of copy work and narration exercises from A Christmas Carol excerpts. 

Latin (Song School Latin) - Review week

French (Nallenart) - Unit 9.1 clothing terms test and numbers.

Math - Two pages of Math Mammoth 1A subtraction a day and 1 page of measurements. We also finished 1B shapes this week. 

History (Story of the World) - We finished chapter 27 The beginning of Rome, Romulus and Remus and The Power of Rome including map work.

Science (Elemental) - From our body study we looked at the the senses this week. We completed some senses experiments and made a braille sentence. Which is kind of appropriate because before Roo got her glasses she was considered legally blind. We had no idea she had vision problems until she started giving signs at age 4. It makes me sad that she went years being unable to see properly without us realizing it.

Braille activity

Geography - Now that she knows the Canadian provinces and Territories memorized with map placement, we started working on their capitals this week. We are using Sheppard Software as our geography guide right now.

Art - This week she did a picture narration and a line drawing by sketching the contour of an object without looking down at the paper.


Hard at work and pissing and moaning that her pencil wasn't sharp enough. Is it my fault that she lost the only good sharpener we have after I specifically told her not to take it out of the room. It has entered the abyss of things to never be seen again.

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Deb said...

It's the babies. They suck the brains right out of you. Roo got the first half, and Merle took the rest.

When I was pregnant, I got in the car to go to an OB appointment - and realized I couldn't remember how to get there. I just drove along, hoping one of the streets would look familiar...