Monday, February 28, 2011

Spelling Snob? Maybe. Loose vs Lose

Spelling mistakes happen, I get it. However, I am seeing this mistake become more and more common and it is driving me nuts. The use of loose instead of lose and vice versa.

If I lose more weight, my pants will become too loose.

loose: [lOOs] adj not fastened or pre-packed; not tied up or confined; able to move freely; not tight, not firmly fixed; not close-fitting; careless, inaccurate, vague; dissolute, immoral; not closely woven; flabby; (of bowels) inclined to diarrhoea; l. box stable or van in which an animal can move about; at a l. end uncertain what to do next; unoccupied ~ loose adv in a loose way; play fast and l. behave rashly or unscrupulously ~ loose n release; on the l. free from restraint; on a spree; ~ loose v/t untie, undo; release from confinement or constraint, set free; detach; fire (gun); shoot (arrow); (eccles) absolve.

lose: (p/t and p/part lost) [lOOz] v/t and i no longer have; be deprived of by accident or misfortune; mislay, fail to find; fail to get or win; be too late for; be bereaved of; waste; be defeated or beaten; suffer loss, become worse off; fail to hear, see or understand; cause or allow to perish; (of clock or watch) go too slowly; (refl) miss the right path; become absorbed in; l. one's head become flustered, panic; l. one's temper grow angry; l. one's way fail to find the right path; l. out (US) be defeated after a struggle.

I've had my rant. Sorry if I offended anyone (not really).


Kat said...

Hi there! New to your blog...and this couldn't have been a better introduction! :D

I suppose I'm a spelling snob as well. I have my own pet peeves. Like the use of accept and except. And than and then. And the there/their/they're and the your/you're mix ups, lol.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Mom to a 6 year old boy who would rather eat brussel sprouts (Ack!) and take a bath (Gasp!), than do homeschool spelling.

Kylie said...

Oh gosh mine is advice and advise it is always used incorrectly!!!!

Mary said...

Sister spelling snob here. To, too - their, there, they're - your, you're! Makes me batty :)