Friday, January 22, 2010

Beginning of something good or something bad?

I asked myself this question as I was registering for this blog. It will be good if I can integrate blogging into my everyday life. It will be bad if I let it slowly fade away. Only time will tell, but it was time I started a new avenue. I am an introvert and maybe I can breach some social issues through this blog.

Now I am going to address the blog name. First off, I am completely uncreative. I am the type of person who is told to write a short poem or story and at the end will have nothing for you. So coming up with a blog name almost equated torture for me. By the name one may think I am a rocker mom who enjoys concerts and motorcycles. This is definitely not the case. It came to be during lessons today while I was trying not to bang my head off the table. I noticed that this is a common occurrence in our household so my head banging journey came to be during an excruciatingly long math lesson.

This is my first year homeschooling. It was something I had thought about but never really thought was possible. As the time for my dd5 came up for her to begin her K year, I began to research. That led me to The Well Trained Mind book and forum and then to The Latin Centered Curriculum. From these sources my decision was made although my husband was a little slower to get on board.  I finally feel powerful and in control (well sort of) of my daughters education. I want to be able to provide her with a rigorous classic education full of so much more than she would get at the school down the street. I felt empowered as I wrote that. Maybe this blog thing is going to workout after all.


Angela said...

Congrats on starting your homeschooling blog! One way to keep at it is to get people to read your blog and leave comments, so I thought I'd encourage you by leaving your first comment. :)

I knew we both had DD5s, but I just noticed we're using OPG, HWT, and ETC book 2 as well. We just finished prehistory and are learning about the Egyptians now.

- fellow introvert, but totally extroverted on my blog :)

Oh, can you enable Name/Url for comments?

- Angela

Melissa said...

Hey welcome to the world! Ive got a DD 4 but am using (soon ) OPGTR, we are in ETC2 (well Monday)

Angela ( is an amazing blog to go to for ideas and encouragement. She is awsome.

I hope to see your posts updated regulary. Feel free to check out my blog too!