Saturday, January 23, 2010

Artist Extraordinaire

I have this little ceramic dogs head that my mother made me when I was a child. It was used to place my glasses on when I went to bed at night. Last year when my dd was told she needed glasses I passed it down to her which pleases her immensely. Late last night as I was trying to get her to bed she told me she was "creating". So I let her be for awhile. When she was done she handed me the little sculpture she made from play doh. She told me it was for me to put my glasses on at night to replace the one I gave her. It is a multi colour rabbit, with two plastic utensils for ears and it's beautiful. We have to let it dry out a bit to get harder but when it is done it will sit beside my old holder on the sink vanity.

My old holder and the new rabbit glasses holder.

A close up

  I was going to get Roo to do some school work this morning that was not completed yesterday. She looked at me with sad eyes and declared, "but mom, it's the weekend". That's what I get for going over weekends and week days with her last week. I'm going to try again later though. Dh went into work a little while ago to finish some stuff up. I may be able to use the fact that dh had to work today too, to get her to agree.

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