Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hell Hath Frozen Over

It's worth checking if it has because my school plan for this year is now complete. The odds were against me, hell even I bet against myself. But remember I am ever the pessimist so I had to bet against myself, it's in my nature. I was pushing my luck with time, but the choices are finally made. I just need to input them into my schedule in a realistic, non horrifying way. I have spent the better part of the day trying to clean and organize the dining room because it in fact could be described as horrifying. This is the room we use for school. The computer is in there, all my book shelves and we sit at the dining room table with baskets of the books we will need. It's cluttered and messy no matter how hard I try to organize it. What I really want is Expedit computer desk/book shelf combo. I want it in the black-brown wood colour and with the larger size book shelf. Computer on one side, she can sit and do work on the other and all our books and supplies would fit nicely onto the shelves. It's not realistic in this apartment though, because the spot it would have to go has such as slanted floor we can't have book shelves on that wall. I'll keep it on my wish list for the next place. In the meantime baskets and crowded table it is!

This is my plans for this school year, grade 2.

Language Arts

Just call me Miss indecisive, or just plain stupid. Either works in this situation. She started last year with Singapore Math 1A/1B and it seemed to jump topics too quick and I had to keep going back. So we stopped and I got Math Mammoth 1A/1B for her because it has a lot of practice. She completed it by summer so I purchased Mammoth 2A/2B for this year. I decided over the summer to finish our Singapore Math 1B book and noticed that she is doing much better with it and math is less torturous. So I ordered Singapore Math 2A/2B and will use Math Mammoth as a supplement.
Math Mammoth 2A/2B - supplement
Life of Fred Elementary series - Apples, Butterflies and Cats. There are 4 of these books out right now and we love them! I can't wait for the others to come out.

Story of the World 2 - Middle Ages
It's my favorite time period so I am very excited. I also got the Pandia Press wall timeline which I am getting laminated and timeline figures from the Hannah_hs_ helps yahoo group already cut out and laminated. 


Ideas from The Core by Leigh Bortins for learning the world by mapping it.
Expedition Earth done secularly

Foreign Language

Art and Composer Study
Art - Meet the Masters Online. She is also enrolled in a weekly art class. 

The plan is a composer a month study. Print and post a picture of the composer on the wall, read a biography on the composer, map where they lived and listen to their music. Classicsforkids is a great site for this as well. 

*** I forgot Memory Work, so I will add it at the end here. I am still using the same ideas as before using the Charlotte Mason Method for memory work (but not memorizing scripture because we are secular). I will be adding memory work for what we will be doing this year Science, History, Latin, French. 

I hope the links to everything I posted work. If they don't, please let me know.

I don't know if I am missing anything, but I feel as if I got everything I wanted to covered. The lack of having 62 hours in everyday is frustrating but I am trying to overcome it and get what I need done a piece at a time. Our school start date is after Labour Day so I still have a couple of weeks to manage. I am also implementing a chore/task sheet this year. Everything from school work to, going and staying in bed, to teeth brushing will be on it (it's a fight to get her to brush her teeth as well as stay in bed). At the end of the week the sheet will be evaluated and she will get an allowance and/or treat based on the completion and the attitude while completing. Wish me luck because I am not holding my breath on this one. 


Deb said...

What? Life of Fred has an Elementary Series? I will be checking that our ASAP. Thanks for the heads-up. Have a great year!

momma said...

We are thinking of doing music kind of the same way as you except I can't decide if I want to do composers this year or genres of music. I want to incorporate an art project along with the study as well, like based on the country the composer is from. anyway sounds like you have a great year planned. Have fun.

erin said...

Your math journey sounds alot like ours- we finally found and settled on MEP. I would describe it as a combo between Singapore and MM. Plus it's free. Google mep math if you're not familar with it. We are also doing a chore chart in similar fashion. I am wishing you luck. We need some as well as we are moving on Saturday and I don't even know where our books are right now! Oh- how do you like elemental science?

Sara said...

I really like Elemental Science. This is our second year with it and I found my daughter learned a lot and had a lot of fun with last years biology. I like how it follows the WTM science philosophy and does it in a way that is easy to implement. I also like how they have the schedule already set out for you;) It makes life a lot easier. Good Luck!