Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facts About Me That You Probably Don't Care About But I don't Give a Shit

This post is two fold. One because I haven't posted in a while and I have wanted to post our "This Years Curriculum" but I am still figuring it out. Yikes, I know. Second, my About Me section has been "under construction" since day one and I figured, why not hit two birds with one stone. It's going to be more like a bulleted list of random facts, not some deeply poetic dialogue about my life. Here it goes.

  • First one is not a shocker to those who know me. I read all. the. time. If I could make a library into my home I would. 
  • I actually want a library in my home and any of these will do.
  • One of my pet peeves is stupid spelling mistakes or word confusion (ex. lose and loose). So if you notice a spelling error in any of my posts I exempt myself from all responsibility and blame it on pregnancy brain and post pregnancy brain. I firmly believe some of your brain actually gets absorbed into each child you have during gestation. It's real, believe me. 
  • I fry my spaghetti. Heat up a frying pan, put in cooked noodles and pour over the sauce. Mix and cook until all sauce bakes onto the noodles. It tastes so much better. I've even converted my husband.
  • I have had a crush on Jared Leto since I was 14 and he was on My So Called Life. I am not fickle with my celebrity crushes, so when an opportunity came up where I could potentially meet him I declined. What if I met him and was disappointed? That would be like 18 years of my life wasted. Who would I crush on after that? 
  • If I stare blankly at you during a conversation, than it usually means you have said something stupid and I am giving you time to save yourself.
  • I am introverted. No that doesn't mean shy. 
  • I eat food that falls on the floor. The five second rule applies to everything except what falls beside the stove. It's scary there. True story. On my husbands and my second or third date we went to a Thai restaurant. We each had a main course and split an order of Pad Thai. So when I was trying to maneuver the noodles from the dish to my plate I dropped 95% of them on the table. Without thinking I scooped them all from the table to my plate with intent to eat them. I had a moment of "Oh shit, maybe I shouldn't have done that." and then I shrugged and figured if that turns him off then I have no hope when he really gets to know me. It turns out he liked the fact I did that.........(or so he says).
  • I don't understand abstract art, it frustrates me. I just can't see it as art. Can a 5 year old paint like Caravaggio? Not fucking likely.
  • I don't like clowns or Santa, they make me uncomfortable. I also don't like crocs.
  • I want to live in Europe, preferably the Western half. I also wish I was fluent in another language. Fuck you high school French, you did nothing for me!
  • I am a cup half empty kind of person. The eternal pessimist. The upside? I never expect anything to work out so if it does I am genuinely surprised and thankful. 
  • I play the lottery weekly because if I don't, then you know my numbers will be drawn next week. This goes back to the pessimist/cup half empty thing.
  • I've got a sailor mouth. Some may say the use of swear words shows a lack of intelligence and creativity. I say that when you are mad sometimes "Gosh, your making me mad!" doesn't quite mirror what you are feeling. The F word tends to get the point across quickly.  I also use the F word as verb, adverb, adjective, command, interjection, and noun. Sometimes all at once. I think that ability actually shows my high intelligence and creativity;)
  • I love McDonald's, it's yummy and has the best coke. It honestly doesn't bother me that someone experimentally left a McDonald's burger out for 3 months and it still looked the same. 
  • I like cheese, the super old stinky stuff.
  • I've never had sushi/seafood but I avoid it like the plague. Lobsters are the cockroach of the sea.
  • I firmly believe that text messaging is the major reason why kids can't spell. I for one can't bring myself to type short forms of things very often. Proper spelling and grammar should still apply to texting.
  • I don't like ice cream cake. I like ice cream AND cake but not together.
  • I've worn glasses since I was three and contacts since I was 14. My eye sight still sucks and I am considered legally blind without them.
  • I homeschool my child because I don't believe education is one size fits all. 
  • I hate the word socialization when applied to homeschool. What do you do for socialization? Do you realize you look stupid asking me that question when we are watching our children in dance or art class together. Seriously? Look it up, socializing and socialization are two different things. A) Socialization is the process through which a child learns the customs, behaviors, and expectations of certain culture and/or society. B) Socializing is getting together for a social or common purpose. It’s an activity, not a process. I want my children to get socialization from her family not public school peers and socializing is done every time you leave the house. It seems to me that people who lived in the pioneer days who saw nothing of anyone except their families and a few scattered strangers for months on end didn't worry that much about socialization. This "socialization" thing annoys me. It's a made-up concept by the public school system and our modern society.  
  • I honestly don't care if you don't like me. Really. I may actually enjoy the fact that you don't. So don't think my feelings are hurt if you don't like me and we aren't friends. I've probably already thanked god/goddess/or various deities that we are not.
  • Still Under Construction!


Katelynne said...

I love it, and, man, do I wish we lived closer...even the same country would do.

Sara said...

Thanks Katelynne! I agree, if we lived closer I think we would get along exceptionally well.

Deb said...

You're a rockstar, I like you just fine.

I also hate ice cream cake, such a dirty trick, luring you in with frosting only to find cold plain vanilla underneath. Bah.

Spelling errors drive me nuts, too. Also mispronumciations, like realtor being pronounced re-la-tor.

I am going to fry some spaghetti forthwith.

Deb said...

Look, I just made a spelling error in the paragraph where I complained about spelling errors.

That's how I ROLL, yo.

Sara said...

Haha! Your post pregnancy brain made you forget you could blame spelling errors on post pregnancy brain.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you and I could have been separated at birth (except for the Jared Leto and the lottery) or share a brain, or something. I love the name of your blog, too. :)