Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Report - I Hate Tummy Time and My Lamb Suit

Note to self: Don't give a baby Tummy Time when baby has a cold. Especially when said baby hates TT and never puts in effort, just kind of rubs her face back and forth and cries. The end result is excessive amounts of "nasal mucus" (being polite) all over the face. Lesson learned. 

I was doing the happy dance late week (not  really dancing because I don't dance, more like a sway) because it seemed that the house cold was going to pass me by. How silly of me. I should just accept the fact that I will indeed catch any and everything that passes through this house plus most things that don't. So I schooled with a cold this week which made me cranky, irritable and a little bit of a space cadet, not too far from the norm except the space cadet part.   

What we finished this week:  

Memory Work - I didn't add anything this week, we just worked with what was already in the daily section since she hasn't got them memorized yet. We already have a good list of things in memory as per what I put in my Memory Work Monday post. I did find some more memorization ideas for history though. 

Spelling (All About Spelling) - Since we have now finished OPTGR we started AAS 1 spelling at the end of last week. We have done one lesson per day and each lesson takes an average of 20 minutes to complete fully. I knew we would go through level 1 quickly because it has the simple spelling rules for CVC words, but she seems to be really enjoying it. Actually, I think what she is really enjoying is using the Bingo dabber to stamp each lesson completed as well as stamping the mastered Phonograms list. As you can see by the picture, she has mastered all phonograms except for most of the vowels and Y. She is having trouble remembering all of the sounds each vowel makes, but it seems to be getting better each day she does review.


First Language Lessons - Lesson 73-75, a poem, poem narration and searching the poem for uses of nouns, pronouns and action verbs.

Writing with Ease - Completed week 24 of copy work and narration exercises from The Happy Hollisters excerpts. Roo has decided she may want us to read this book because it sounds a little like Scooby Doo.

Latin (Song School Latin) - Weather terms

French (Nallenart) - Unit 9.1 new words  and flashcards for clothing terms.

Math - We worked on Math Mammoth 1A addition facts 1 page a day as well as 1B telling time one page a day. We are almost done 1A addition section and 1B time section probably by the end of next week and will move onto 1A subtraction and 1B measurement. 

History (Story of the World) - We finished chapter 23 Greek Gods and Chapter 24 Greeks War with Persian and the Peloponnesian War. She did map work for these chapters, coloured the Parthenon and we toured The Acropolis via Google Earth.

Science (Elemental) - From our body study we covered the skeletal system, skull and bones/joints. Roo decided that at some point she wants us to buy a full scale human skeleton model if we can afford it;) I was able to pick up some diagrams of various parts of the human body from the dollar store for $1.50 a piece (I know, what is the point of being called a dollar store if items cost more than a dollar). But it was a good deal nevertheless and the heart diagram I got was in a clear package and when I opened it there were 5 of the same poster in it. So if you are ever in the neighborhood and need a diagram poster of the heart, let me know because I have 4 to spare:)


Art - We did a picture narration and she completed and art project about shapes. She was to look out the window and make a picture using construction paper cut into shapes to represent what she saw. 

Roo wanted me to take a picture of Merle in her lamb suit. Merle hates the lamb suit (I think it's the hat she hates). Anyway, we put it on her to taunt her. Mean I know, but I have to get my excitement somewhere. Here's the picture,


You can kind of see part of Roo's face while she is laughing at the her sister.


Here is a close up of another day, she looks more ticked in this picture.

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Robyn said...

Awwww, but the lamb is so cute! She does NOT look impressed! Wow, you had a great week even with being sick! Mama don't get no sick days! Hope you are feeling better soon!