Monday, March 21, 2011

Memory Work Monday

So one of the ladies at the WTM forums came up with a great idea. She thought it would be beneficial if people posted what memory work their children were working on, on a weekly basis. That way it will let others see what your are doing and maybe give memory work ideas to those that are getting stumped for ideas or inspire those that haven't yet to start.

First off I'll explain what system I use. Actually I won't explain it, I'll just post a link to the site and that has an explanation way better than what I would give. I use the Charlotte Mason Memory System minus the scripture memorization. I started gathering a lot of what I wanted Roo to memorize before the school year started. I also used the book Living Memory By Andrew Campbell, which is filled with great things.

My list for Roo who is 6, so far is:
The Caterpillar poem
Definition of herbivore, omnivore and carnivore
Hearts Like Doors Poem
The Oceans
The Egyptian Ennead
Periods of Early History
Work Poem
Canadian Provinces and Territories
Seven Main Levels of Taxonomy
Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt
The Continents
Days of the Week Poem
The Months Poem
Periods of Egyptian History
Signs of the Zodiac
The Senses
Human Body Systems

Most of these have already been memorized they just fit somewhere into the odd/even, day of the week, day of the month rotation. Memory work is the first thing we do for school work in the morning. Many of the list came from things we were studying in science and history at the time.

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MissMOE said...

Thanks for joining in! You have a great list. I've just recently purchased Living Memory. I'm still looking through it--trying to figure out what I want to add in to our list.