Friday, November 19, 2010

Birthdays, and Childbirth and Christmas Oh My!

What did we accomplish this week? That is is the million dollar question. Quick answer is not as much as I wanted to, but enough to get by. School wasn't included in that question. We did school, it was the other 9,000 things I wanted to get done. Then I blinked and the moment of motivation quickly disappeared as quick as it arrived. Roo's 6th birthday is next week and we promised her she could go to Build-a-Bear and pick out any doll and any outfit/accessory she wants. I am trying to talk her into this doll with this outfit or this one, but I don't think I have convinced her entirely. Today is my husbands birthday, in a few weeks the baby will be born and then we have Christmas. November and December are going to be expensive months for us for the rest of our lives, yikes.

Drumroll please, for what we did in school this week:

Memory Work - We worked on the poem from FLL, and Egyptian Pharaohs and Dynasties and for some reason she doesn't like to say Queen Hapshetsut.

Phonics - We learned about the apostrophe and plural words adding es and ies.

First Language Lessons (FLL) - We learned about the nouns of our address and postal code. She already knew the address, but postal code was a new concept for her.

Writing With Ease (WWE) - This week was split into two different stories. Davy Crockett and Sacagewea. The improvement of  her handwriting is getting quite noticeable but you have to remind her to slow down and take her time doing it otherwise is looks a mess and her letters float.

Latin (SSL) - We still focused on the sit, stand, write and repeat commands and today and yesterday were complete review days from the start of the book to where we are currently.

Math - Flash cards and drill sheets, flash cards and drill sheets.

French - Days, months and weather terms. We review these everyday and she can now answer basic questions about "What day is it?" or "What is the weather today?". I also picked up the French/English library book we had on hold. It is form the language learning storybook series and she loves these. Each page has the English part at the top with the french translation at the bottom. There is a pronunciation guide at the back and after a few weeks she generally has the whole thing memorized.

Bonne Nuit a Tous: Goodnight Everyone (I Can Read FrenchLanguage Learning Story Books) Hurry Up, Molly/Depeche-Toi, Molly (I Can Read French)

History - In history we studied The First Cities of India and The Mystery of the Mohenjo-Daro.


She calls this look her turtle neck smile. The turtle neck while doing map work.

Science - Barn/farm animals was our focus this week. We studied the pig, cow/bull and the goat.


Our farm diagram.

Art - For art we skipped the actual art lesson planned and she ventured out on her own and made a pirate ship for her dad for his birthday.

Notice how Abu is sitting in the "crows nest" and Cinderella is minding the cannon.


Allison said...

The Abominable Snowman as Darth Vader??

Sara said...

Totally. The outfits are also interchangeable with the other build-a-bear dolls. She has three, so she could also do Panda and Big Bird as Darth Vader. I think she has her heart set on the WWF Wolf though.

Karen said...

What a fantastic pirate ship! I love it when kids create from their imagination :)

Happy Birthdays! I hope the last weeks before the baby comes are as relaxing as possible.

Deb said...

Roo is so CUTE!

My kids have birthdays exactly one week apart in early December, plus my wedding anniversary is in December. It's a big month o' celebrations at our house. I like it, it's a lot of fun.

Happy 6th, Roo!

Mandy in TN said...

Love the pirate ship! Happy Birthday to Roo! She is so cute and I love her glasses- of course they are very similar to mine ;-)!

Lisa said...

Love that smile! Happy Birthday to her!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Cinderella minding the cannon? Well, why not a few more cinders?! :)
Nov-Dec are expensive here too. January is a nice fresh start!