Friday, November 12, 2010

Can Zombies Homeschool?

This baby is kicking my butt this week. It's like it has superhuman powers that are draining my energy into itself. I swear those women that talk about how much they love being pregnant and how easy it is must be lying. I am mostly living in automatic robot mode, doing things mechanically until I get my energy and my brain back. I bet if you asked me my name right now, it would take at least 7 seconds of me staring at you blankly to finally be able to answer. We also had 10 billion doctor appointments this week as well for various things, follow ups etc. The one we had today was at a medical center a little over a mile away from home so we decided because it was actually a beautiful day today to walk home. My motive behind this was that Roo may potentially be quite tired after walking home and combined with getting up super early this morning and she may want to nap....I may have been able to finally have a nap (I don't think I have napped once during this pregnancy). So she decided to skip.the.whole.way.home and then proceeded to feed off this energy buzz for the rest of the day. So we achieved the opposite of my desired outcome and now I am hoping for a nice and easy transition into bed for her tonight. One can only hope. We did manage to school 5 days this week, even after all the appointments messing up our routine and attending the Remembrance day parade (pregnancy hormones and Remembrance Day parades don't mix well) It was a good thing I was wearing sunglasses.

What we achieved this week:

Memory Work - We worked on a new poem from FLL, and added in Egyptian Pharaohs. I had to search them all to verify the pronunciation though. I can't be giving incorrect information no matter how tired I am;)

Phonics - We have reached the 200's in the lessons of The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. We started learning contractions and apostrophes she grasped the concept very quick. I thought it was going to be more of a struggle than that.

First Language Lessons (FLL) - We are still learning about nouns and she began to memorize a new poem from there. I added it to our daily memory work.

Writing With Ease (WWE) - We started week (I think) the Charlottes Web Focused week. I am very happy with how her handwriting it becoming so much neater. I was even watching her deliberately going slow to ensure that her writing was as neat as she could do it.


Latin (Song School Latin) - We worked through the review chapter and then began a new chapter that focused on the commands sit, stand, write and repeat.


Math - The addition math facts up to 10 are coming along and we worked on a few drills and math work books that I had around. I think that maybe next week we will begin Singapore again at a slower pace and still keep up the facts and drills.


French - I introduced the months and now we are constant rotation of the days of the week, weather and months with one day a week being a full on review. She likes to lay out all of the flash cards and turn them into a game. This weeks game involved Polly Pockets and dice.


Notice the Polly Pockets? They made an appearance in the above photo as well.

History (SOTW) - We studied Gilgamesh. She is loving it, and I checked out the Ludmila Zeman versions of the Gilgamesh trilogy. On her Etch A Sketch she was drawing fast snapshot pictures of the story as I read it aloud to her. She loves the character Enkidu.

Gilgamesh the King (Gilgamesh Trilogy, The)The Revenge of Ishtar (Gilgamesh Trilogy, The)The Last Quest of Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh Trilogy, The)

Science (Elemental Science) - We focused on water animals this week, walrus, dolphins and whales. We also did a quick experiment on how the plastic rings from drink packages get stuck on animals and the results.


This is from our science. The top photo is our habitat posters (we didn't do a diorama). The second photo is our food chart. 

Music - We worked on week 2 of Arcangelo Corelli and listened to several pieces while completing the are project.

On a personal level we finally installed her princess canopy thing over her bed. It only took a 2 months of daily reminders to accomplish this goal. Next thing, assemble the crib.


This is her "finally you finished it" face.


Moonbeam said...

A very impressive week, even without factoring in doctor's appointments and pregnancy. Three cheers for you!

Monica . . . said...

Yes, I am blown away by how much you accomplished. I'd be tired by that week, even without being pregnant. Hang in there! I hate being preggo, too.

Bright Sky Mom said...

I got pretty teary-ed on Thursday myself...and I'm not pregnant! :) The pink princess canopy is lovely!

sarah said...

Hey Sara,

Lovely Blog.

I really enjoyed reading the Zombie entry. And yes we Zombies do make good mothers and teachers :>)

I am very interested in some of your homeschooling resources and will take a look another time when I have a moment. I feel like a cat chasing it's tail most days with a toddler. But I LOVE staying home with Lucas and wouldn't change it for anything.


Sarah said...

oh and CONGRATS on the 'bun in the oven'!

Sarah De Shane