Friday, September 17, 2010

What a long week - Weekly Reports

All of our appointments for various things seemed to fall this week. Doctor, Dentist and Opthamologist, and first Ballet class ever. It was enough to make it hard to stick to our schedule. But we prevailed and all was accomplished except the History cave painting activity. That was because I had neglected to buy the paint needed to complete the project, but we are going to do that this weekend. Actually we wouldn't have had the time to spend on it today anyway because today was Roo's first day of Ballet class.


Before Ballet, excited and nervous.


The after Ballet face.

The Caterpillar poem has been officially memorized, but we are still working on the continents. She can't name them off by rote but can name them when I point to the area on the wall map, so she is almost there. Like most people say on the WTM boards, First Language Lessons goes very slow. But I figure she is only 5 and going slow is good at this point. I don't want to overwhelm or overload her right now. We made it through week 2 of Writing with Ease and lesson 3 in Spelling Workout B. She passed her test with only one mistake, so I am hoping our method of doing this will work for her.


She is smiling because she got most of her spelling words right and she doesn't have to copy a big list out 5 times each.

Singapore Math I am hoping is the winner. We were introduced to number bonds this week so we are going slowly over them to ensure that she understands. She seems to enjoy it though and the lessons are fairly quick in comparison to Saxon that we used last year.

For History we read about Nomads becoming the first farmers and did our narrations and mapwork. She drew a picture showing her nomadic family growing wheat and she was holding a spear. We then based her narration on the picture she drew since the idea came from the story. Science introduced us to animal Habitats. Elemental Science suggests making a habitat diorama from a shoe box to add animals to as we study them.  Of course I didn't have a shoe box, so I ended up drawing the habitats and sticking them in page protectors in her Science binder. We will draw and glue each animal onto the proper habitat as we come across it. Not quite as cool or exciting as a diorama but it will work.


Once again she brings home sticks and rocks for "science experiments". I have a lot of sticks and rocks in various stages of experiments in my home.

In Latin we learned Quid est tuum praenomen? and Meum praenomen est... What is your name? and My name is....She really likes this subject. We do it 5 days a week but usually only for 5-10 minutes a day. We spend the same amount of time on French and this week was all about reviewing what we learned in the summer and learning the extra vocabulary at the the end of the unit. Next week is counting in French which she kind of already knows (at least to 10).

We studied bodies of water within and around North America in Geography. Finding it on the globe and then trying to label it on the worksheet. Not overly exciting but she likes to look at globes and maps.
She completed a watercolour paining in Art, but she used too much water and it turned out very light colour. She told me that was the look she was going for so I said nothing. Our composer study brought us to week 2 of studying Hildegarde von Bingen. We watched a YouTube video and listened to some of her pieces that I had downloaded. We listened to the music while she was painting. When the music was done she asked why I shut it off, so I assume that she enjoyed it.

Even though our schedule was interrupted each day, we managed to pull through. I am looking forward to a nice quite evening and hope to avoid the crazy pregnancy dreams I seem to be afflicted with.


Karen said...

Ha! And every rock (and stick) is VERY IMPORTANT MOM! Ds is now 17. A few years back he was doing the geology Boy Scout merit badge and actually identified some of those very important rocks he brought home daily as a little guy :)

Daisy said...

The picture of her in what we would call "winter gear" cracks me up. The difference in temps is so clear this time of year. She makes an adorable ballerina.

And hooray for rocking your spelling test!

Dacia's School said...

What a pretty ballerina she is. Sadly my daughters never liked that.

Bright Sky Mom said...

Oh, the sticks we have collected. Some rocks too...but mostly sticks. Lots and lots of sticks!
Love the before & after ballet smiles!
Lee (5wolfcubs)

Norah said...

Looks like a great week. Beautiful daughter you have!

Jana C. said...

You have been given a blog award. Enjoy !

Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Oh my gosh what a cute ballerina!!! I used to LOVE ballet class at her age!!