Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bathroom Door - 1 ......Celtic War Axe - 0

Two weeks down and I think we may in fact be finding our groove. Except for that one day we slept in because the baby decided to sleep in and when she does we all silently rejoice and stay asleep.  For history this week we studied the Celts. I'm completely not a crafty person but I thought it would be fun to make Roo a Celtic war axe. I have pretty much zero craft supplies in the house except for the basic stuff so it was made from digging through the recycling box. This is the finished product which she loved.


 Later in the day she had on her princess dress because you know all warriors wear princess dresses. Anyway, she went running from her room into the kitchen screaming a Valkyrie war cry with her axe raised over her head and hit the bathroom door and landed on her butt. I have no idea how she didn't see it but she didn't and there were lots of tears and hugs and mutterings of how her hand was broken. I wanted to take a picture because it was kind of funny to see but I thought that would have been mean.

Also: NEW ADDICTION ALERT, it is called Pinterest, I love it. It allows you to keep track of visual lists of things you want, wishlists, idea lists, DIY lists, or in the case of me, wishful thinking lists, and honestly my life isn't complete until (fill in the blank) lists, here's mine. So addicting.

This is what we completed this week.

Memory Work -  No change from last week as she has a pile of stuff that she is still working on daily.  

Spelling (All About Spelling level 2) - She finished Level 2 lesson 6 the silent e.

First Language Lessons 2 - We worked on lesson 104-106 pronouns and state of being verbs.

Writing with Ease 2 - Completed week 2 of writing, narrations, and dictation using excerpts from The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

Latin (Lively Latin) - We completed Lesson 1.1 which was introducing us to different nouns and masculine, feminine and neuter how they work in Latin 

French (Nallenart L'Art de Lire1) - She did 2 worksheets and translated the story in to English.

Math ( Singapore 2A/2B) - Still finishing 1B, we finished up the multiplication section this week. It was a nice gentle introduction into multiplication. She does math under the table for some reason.


History (Story of the World Middles Ages) - Chapter two The Celts of Britain, Barbarians come to Britain, and Beowulf the Hero. We did the corresponding map work and are in the middle of reading Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo which is a nice, light and entertaining version for kids.



Science (Elemental Science Earth and Astronomy) - We learned about Earth from Space and Day and Night this week. No experiments though because she opted to bike ride instead which is fine by me because if this colder weather continues she won't be able to ride much longer. 

Geography (Expedition Earth)-  We stamped our passports and began our journey to Asia, first stop China. The Children Just Like Me book is great to be able to relate to how other children live around the world. Every other day she reviews her Canadian provinces and territories and every day she goes over the countries in Europe via Sheppard Software. She is also learning to map the world by heart via The Core method. We began a rough sketch of our continent blobs this week. Continent blobs are rough circles/ovals drawn in the area on the map that corresponds with each continent. It's done after the five great circles are drawn in order to be able to visually space where the continents are located. That was a mouthful, and I am sure confusing to those that have no idea what I am talking about:)

Art (Meet the Masters) - This week we made our portfolio that will hold all of her artwork she makes this year.

Composer Study - Classical while doing art. I need to get something together asap. 

What did Merle do? She enjoys getting her hair vacuumed when we are cleaning which is strange because most kids are terrified of the vacuum. She also regularly does something we call The Dirty Old Man. Here is a video, it speaks for itself:)


Her vacuumed hair that resembles Donald Trump.


Deb said...

I LOVE PINTEREST! Now following you!

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Mary said...

I too am addicted to Pinterest!

Merle is sooo cute!

Art Man said...

Another great art education program, one that I have seen increase my kids creativity is the Great Artist Program. Highly recommended.