Friday, May 27, 2011

I Can't Think of a Title, So This is the Title

It's been two weeks, yes I am a bad blogger. But sometimes when you never have free time and then you get 5 minutes to yourself you just don't feel like blogging about it. Hmmm, maybe I should. Isn't that what bloggers do? Give you a small insight to their life, like "My husband isn't home, both kids are asleep, the dishes are done, (high five self) what am I going to do for the next 3.5 minutes I have before I should go to bed because the baby will be waking in a few hours to be fed and I am super tired? Never mind, baby just woke." That would be my post in it's entirety.
Earlier this week I asked Roo to hand me my hole punch and she did with a weird look on her face. I took it and noticed it was broken. The first thing I do is ask her because she, 

a) looked guilty and 
b) she is always touching my stuff. 

She says no, so I razzed her a bit more about it and then she gets adamant so I know she didn't do it. This kid doesn't lie, she may refrain from telling me something (in which some may say lying by omission. I actually use that one on my husband all the time.) BUT if you ask her if she did it she will sigh and then say "yes I did it". I hope that quality sticks with her through life. Now back to the hole punch story. I enter Sherlock Holmes mode as my mind wonders how this hole punch may have broken. Roo didn't do it, Merle is too young, did I drop it or something?..........Wait a minute. There is someone else who may have done this, someone I probably should have asked first based on his track record. So I ask my husband when he came home and he admitted to breaking it and putting it back without telling me (lying by omission). How did he break it you may ask? He was trying to punch an extra hole in his belt. Even Roo was "Dad, that tool is for paper."  


Did you break my hole punch? Kidding, just a shameless cute baby picture.

Now on to what we finished this week............and last week:  

Memory Work -  I added parts of a plant to the list this week because we started our plant study in science.

Spelling (All About Spelling) - We used these two weeks to do a long drawn out study of AAS level 2 lesson one. It's the review lesson so I thought we should go through it slowly to ensure AAS 1 stuck.

First Language Lessons - We finished FLL1 and will continue to review it throughout the summer since the break between grade 1 and 2 is the time where kids seems to forget the most. 

Writing with Ease - Completed week 32 and 33 of copy work and narration exercises from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Roo doing work while Merle watches.

Latin (Song School Latin) - Review

French (Nallenart) - Unit 10.2 fruit and vegetables with their colours used in sentences.

Math - We finished Math Mammoth 1A and bought our abacus for 1B and completed several exercises from Singapore Math as well.

History (Story of the World) - We finished chapter 32 Calligraphy in China, Warring States and The First Emperor and The Great Wall of China. We did the map work and read about the great wall and we looked at the tomb of emperor Shi Huangdi on the internet. She also started some Chinese character writing which I will post a picture of when she finishes it. In chapter 33 we read about Confucius and the religion Confucianism and some of his most famous sayings.  

Do not do unto others what you would not want others to do to you. - Confucius

Science (Elemental) - We completed the study of the human body with germs, allergies and nutrition. This week we started our plant study by learning about different types of leaves. We are also getting a seed to plant this weekend so that she can monitor plant growth over the summer. 

Geography - Roo has learned all of the Nordic countries and their location on a map and about half of Western Europe via Sheppard Software. She is currently sitting in a cardboard box because she is taking the train to Paris (said with a French accent) and then a boat across the Mediterranean Sea to Egypt because apparently she has opened a business there involving Sphinx. 

Composer Study - We watched part 2 of a YouTube video on Antonio Vivaldi and listened to some of his works while she did tanagrams, or a least tried to do tanagrams. She actually gave up and ended up constructing various pictures involving the different shapes. 

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